Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, 401K Plans and Retirement Planning serving Jackson, Mississippi (MS) and the Southeast

Welcome to Executive Planning Group, P.A. located at 1640 Lelia Drive in Jackson, Mississippi. Executive Planning Group, P.A. is proud of its growth and prosperity in the field of long term and short term disability insurance, group and solo 401K plans, pension plans and other employee benefits. Besides a complete array of employee benefit products as well as disability income insurance, life insurance and investment products for individuals, we have years of experience in financial, estate and retirement planning . Serving many clients both in Mississippi (MS) as well as a number of other Southeastern states, Executive Planning Group, P.A. is an established leader in its industry.

Our Financial Support Objective

Our objective at Executive Planning Group, P.A., is to act exclusively in the interests of our clients, providing life insurance quotes without obligation to any specific insurance, investment or financial institution. Our history of success reflects our belief that the best client relationships are built upon a foundation of professionalism, integrity and personal service. Contact us today or call us at (601) 982-3000 for more information on our services.

Executive Planning Group is also a representative for Valmark Securities, Inc., a full-service securities broker dealer, that provides a wide range of financial products and a comprehensive array of support services in estate and retirement planning, business insurance products and investment services.