Critical Illness Insurance for Individuals

Financial Protection in the Face of Illness or Injury

When a medical situation such as a serious illness or injury occurs, you do not want the additional stress of financial difficulty. You will need to pay for expenses associated with treatment and rebuilding your lifestyle. By planning ahead with suitable coverage and protection, you may find relief from the financial burden through your insurance provider. Illnesses covered under your policy may include cancer, heart attack, major organ transplant, renal failure, stroke, coronary artery bypass, coronary angioplasty, carcinoma and paralysis.

According to the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance™ medical problems contributed to over 60% of all bankruptcies in the United States. An earlier Harvard University study (2008) also found that 77.9% had health insurance at the start of the bankrupting illness. Having this type of coverage can help bridge the gap in your health insurance policy and prevent your lifesavings from being wiped out when your health fails you.

You can find suitable plans for individuals as well as companies on a group basis. With Americans living longer, there is now greater recognition of the importance of this type of coverage. Several business owners too are including it in their benefits package to attract and retain the best talent.

Why You Need Critical Illness Insurance

Medical research indicates that cancer, heart attacks and stroke are the three most severe health issues individuals may face. The American Cancer Society’s annual report previously estimated that a whopping 1,685,210 new cancer cases would be diagnosed in 2016. In their heart disease and stroke statistics update for 2017, the American Heart Association also revealed that about 790,000 people in the US suffer heart attacks each year.

While survival rates are high thanks to advances in medicine, you might not be able to work during the recovery period, thus resulting in a loss of income. Planning ahead can help support your loved ones and you during this difficult time and protect your financial wellbeing.

Paid as a single lump sum amount, this type of insurance coverage can help cover many important financial needs such as:

  • Medical and experimental treatments not covered by your health plan
  • Travel for treatments not available locally
  • Mortgage payments during recovery
  • Living expenses
  • Bills such as car payments and insurance premiums
  • Cash to replace a spouse’s income while caring for the insured

At the Executive Planning Group (EPG), we have access to a wide range of insurance products and provide coverage that fits your individual or business needs. We can help you and your employees remain financially stable while recovering from a serious illness or injury.

Expert Advice to Help You Select the Best Plan

Rely on our team at EPG Benefits for expert advice as you explore different programs and packages from various providers. From explaining your options to selecting the right features, we offer personalized support to help you make the right investment decisions.

As one of the individual, group insurance and retirement plan providers in Mississippi serving the Southeastern states, we have extensive experience in accounting, insurance, financial and retirement planning. Count on our team to provide cost-effective solutions that protect your best interests. Our loyalty lies with you and not any specific insurance provider.

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Trust in our expertise to protect your lifestyle and financial security as you recover from a serious illness or injury.

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