401k Retirement Plan Jackson

401(k) Retirement Plan Provider in Jackson, MS
Create an Attractive Investment Vehicle for Your Staff

A well-designed and efficiently implemented 401(k) retirement plan allows employees to significantly reduce current tax liabilities while providing employers with powerful tools to attract and retain key talent. With many businesses shedding pension plans to remain competitive, these plans are a smart and cost-efficient way for employers to reward their staff. Additionally, by tying in employer contributions to company profits, your 401(k) benefits can act as an incentive for your executives to achieve organizational goals.

401(k) Retirement Plan Employer Benefits

Having a skilled and dedicated work force is key to operating a successful business. In addition to boosting employee morale and reducing your turnover rate, these programs deliver other benefits for employers.

These include:

  • They are less expensive than defined benefits plans.
  • You get a tax deduction for matching contributions. While matching is not mandatory, it can give you substantial tax breaks

At the Executive Planning Group (EPG), our extensive experience with designing, implementing and administering deferred contribution and retirement solutions for businesses of all sizes enables us to devise plans that are attractive to employees while meeting the key objectives of employers. Set up a consultation to learn how we can structure a program to help you secure the best talent in the industry.

Personalized Support for 401(k) Retirement Planning in Jackson, MS

Rely on EPG to design and build solutions that provide your company and employees with the best value. We offer a full range of smart 401(k) retirement plans to help you attract and retain key talent while never losing sight of your bottom line. From selecting the right program features to comprehensive administrative and reporting to support your investment decisions, we offer personalized support and seamless service.

As an established 401(k) provider in Mississippi, we have extensive experience in accounting, insurance, financial and retirement planning. Our team delivers cost-effective solutions with full-disclosure on what you are paying for. Our history of success reflects a strong belief that the best client relationships are built upon a foundation of professionalism, integrity and personal service. The Mississippi Manufacturers’ Association has endorsed us for providing their members with value-added insurance services for over 15 years.

Count on our expertise with retirement programs for employees across all levels, including executives and high net-worth individuals, to give your company a competitive edge.

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