Financial Planner in Jackson, MS – Assistance and Security for Groups and Individuals

Executive Planning Group offers numerous products and services to help individuals and businesses manage their finances and obtain the appropriate insurance coverage. Our financial consultant in Jackson, MS, provides the voice of experience to aid your selection of life, health, and disability insurance. Additionally, we work with businesses and individuals looking to protect their interests, employees, or loved ones.

Using an integrated approach, Executive Planning Group offers financial management tools to help you reach your financial goals and leave behind a valuable legacy. Besides estate planning and insurance options, our financial planner in Jackson, MS, can help you optimize wealth building and retention strategies.

Products and Services Designed to Protect and Build Wealth

Whether you need assistance with estate planning or preparing a corporate 401K plan, Executive Planning Group has the experience to guide your decisions. When you tell us your goals, we go to work searching for the products that will help you achieve them.

Our financial products and services include:

  • Investments: Perhaps you’re an individual looking to grow your wealth and secure your future. Alternatively, you may be a benefits coordinator at a small business or large firm looking to increase profitability. Our experienced financial consultant in Jackson, MS, has a range of investment products, including annuities, mutual funds, and IRAs.
  • Life Insurance: Executive Planning Group has group life insurance products for businesses with at least three employees. Individuals can purchase term life insurance for limited timeframes or permanent life insurance products. Protect yourself, your family, or your employees with the right life insurance products. Plus, life insurance plays a critical role in your estate planning efforts.
  • 401K Plans: We can help you to learn how to set up and administer 401K plans for your employees. We also provide guidance on investment options for individual retirement plans. Executive Planning Group also assists customers with rollovers, distributions, and 401K loans. You may get a tax deduction if you offer employees a matching contribution.
  • Disability Income Insurance: Set up disability income insurance for individuals and groups. This coverage replaces individual income lost due to injuries or illnesses that prevent you or an employee from working. Our service includes assistance with claim filing and disability benefit coordination.
  • Other Qualified Retirement Plans: Executive Planning Group helps employers design and implement other qualified retirement plans, such as pension plans, profit-sharing plans, SIMPLE IRA plans, SEP IRA plans, and 403(b) plans. For group plans, our team provides assistance with enrollment, contributions, and distributions.
  • Business Insurance: If you’re looking for a way to secure cash in case one of your business partners dies, a buy-sell plan may be the way to go. All principals of your business purchase life insurance on each other, with the remaining principals listed as beneficiaries. In this way, business insurance can protect both the heirs of the deceased and the remaining business partners.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: Long term care insurance for individuals and groups helps pay for care services if a covered person becomes disabled or chronically ill. Our financial planners in Jackson, MS, can help you or an employee select the right policy or file a claim. This coverage eases the burden on loved ones by providing assistance with the activities of daily living.
  • Critical Care Insurance: This insurance offers a lump sum payment for covered individuals. You can purchase critical care insurance for groups or as an individual. It specifies covered illnesses and critical injuries, including cancer, heart attacks, organ transplants, strokes, renal failure, or paralysis.
  • Estate Planning: Prepare for the management and distribution of your assets after you pass away. Estate planning helps you or your employees minimize taxes, avoid probate court, protect your assets, distribute charitable giving, or set up a trust. Our financial planner in Jackson, MS, can help you explore the products available to facilitate estate planning. Executive Planning Group offers this service to executives, business owners, and high-net worth families. It includes succession planning, life insurance, and shareholders’ agreements, as applicable.
  • Retirement Planning & College Funding: These are two of the most important financial goals for many people. Learn saving and investing strategies, tax benefits, financial aid options, and budgeting from an experienced financial planner.

Call the Executive Planning Group at 601-982-3000 or fill out our contact form to get started with a financial consultant in Jackson, MS. We can help you explore the solutions for yourself or your company.

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