Executive Planning Group, P.A. offers many types of investment vehicles and many kinds of investment products. These include annuities, mutual funds and IRAs.

Annuities are unique financial instruments because they are specifically designed to provide a client with an income stream; Other investments and savings can be depleted and leave an individual with no other resources in dire financial straits. Annuity payments, however, can be arranged to last for life.

A mutual fund is a pool of commingled funds contributed by investors and managed by professional managers. Mutual funds allow smaller investors the opportunity to more easily diversify their portfolio than if they were themselves investing in individual stocks. There are many types of mutual funds so investors have almost unlimited choices in choosing a fund in which to invest.

Individual retirement accounts are one incentive the government offers to individuals to plan for their own retirements. With an IRA, the amount an individual contributes to an IRA may be deductible, within limitations, from gross income before taxable income is determined. There is more than one type of IRA and it is important to take care in selecting the type of IRA that is best suited to your investment objectives. The professionals at Executive Planning Group, P.A. can help you to make the best decision to suit your circumstances.

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