Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You. Protect Your Family with Life Insurance

Take Charge of Your Family’s Future with Help from Executive Planning Group, P.A.

Planning for the future comes in many forms. One area that you should safeguard is your family’s future, and the pandemic has proven that many of us are unprepared. Seemingly overnight, people were getting sick and many were dying from complications of the coronavirus. It has reminded that we should all plan for our future, including potential heartache.

Find the type of life insurance policy in Jackson, MS for you or your company when you consult with the Executive Planning Group. We have the experience you can trust to find the best coverages to meet your personal or business needs. We sit down and discuss your situation and devise a plan to accomplish your goals.

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Life Insurance Policies

It’s no secret. The pandemic has changed life as we know it and the way we do business, insurance companies included. Here are three ways getting a new policy is evolving:

  1. In-person Testing is Not Possible: For decades, consumers needed to obtain a medical exam when applying for life insurance. The CDC’s social distancing guidelines have made these in-person visits impossible. Many U.S. companies are postponing or waiving these exam requirements.
  2. Expect Insurers to Adjust Coverage Options: It’s too early to set more stringent restrictions; however, some companies are adjusting policies based on age or term of coverage. For example, they may hold off on 30-year term coverage or suspend applications from those in their 60s or 70s.
  3. Travel to High-Risk Areas May Leave their Impact: The questions about your travel plans aren’t new. Hopping on an airplane to a country deemed dangerous by the U.S. Department of State may affect your premiums, as can trips to COVID hotspots.

Why You Should Invest in Life Insurance Now

Despite the changes that will occur within the insurance landscape, it’s still a good idea to purchase life insurance in Jackson, MS to secure your family’s future:

  1. The Process Maybe the Easiest at this Point: Since some medical requirements are being waived or postponed, the underwriting process is easier.
  2. Approval for Coverage May Take Less Time: Those companies that waive their in-person medical exams may experience reduced approval timeframes.
  3. Planning for the Unexpected is Vital: No one wants another pandemic anytime soon, but COVID has proven that you never know what the future brings. It’s a good idea to plan for the unexpected.

Take Care of Your Family after Your Death with Help from EPG Benefits

Prepare for the future when you develop an estate plan that includes life insurance. The professionals at EPG Benefits work with individuals and groups to find the best options in policies, including term, whole, and universal coverages. We also assist you in long-term and short-term disability insurance, 401k and pension plans, and other employee benefits. As an established leader in the industry, you can trust us to assist you in developing your financial wealth program to attain your goals with confidence. Call on us for financial planning, life insurance, and other financial products. Request a quote online.

Call us at 601-982-3000 to discuss your life insurance needs in Jackson, Mississippi.

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