Why You Should Offer Your Employees a 401k Plan

Beneficial Suggestions from Experienced Mississippi 401k Providers

Decades ago, individuals used to strive towards the goal of working for a single employer all their lives. At retirement, they were handed the stereotypical gold watch and a regular payout of their pension. Those days are gone and very few companies offer a standard pension plan anymore. Instead, unless they are lucky enough to work for a company with a 401k program in place, employees must rely on finding their own ways to save for their golden years.

How can you ensure that you are able to attract and retain the best employees? Having a retirement plan in place is an effective way to achieve that goal. The 401k providers at Executive Planning Group (EPG) in Mississippi have the knowledge, experience, and technology to get you the best benefits for your company. If you want to stay competitive and earn the reputation of a preferred employer, we can help you.

5 Reasons Your Company should have a 401k Plan

Most Americans have heard of 401k programs. While they make sense from an employee’s viewpoint, why should you establish a plan for your company? Here are five reasons to consider when talking to your providers in Mississippi

  • Attract and Retain the Best Talent: Many applicants and employees expect to have a form of retirement through their employers. Your company can be at a disadvantage if you’re vying for a highly talented applicant and you lose out to a competitor because your business lacks a retirement plan. Instead, make employees happier, reduce attrition rates, and improve profitability.
  • Take Part in Tax Advantages: Your company can take advantage of different tax incentives. For example, you may be eligible for annual tax credits for the first few years of your plan. These savings can help offset the startup costs. Any matching contributions for your employees may be tax–deductible for your business.
  • Enjoy Retirement Benefits Even as an Owner: As an employee and owner, you can channel pre-tax dollars into your 401k account. You may even save on personal taxes, and you set a great example for your team.
  • Manage the Plan with Easy Technology: Part of having a 401k plan requires managing it. Today’s technology makes it easier for you to outsource the maintenance so that you can focus on running your company. EPG Benefits designs and builds solutions that provide options with the best value.
  • Give Your Employees a Leg Up on Retirement: By providing a retirement plan option supported by the right information and advice, you give your team an opportunity to be financially ready for their golden years. No one wants to be forced to work beyond retirement age. Give them a head start for a better future.

Partner Up with Mississippi’s experienced 401k Providers

Don’t wait on the sidelines and watch excellent talent leave your firm. Offer them the benefits they require by talking with EPG Benefits. We work with you to create a package that fits your business criteria. Enjoy tax breaks and happier employees.

Call us at 601-982-3000 to discuss your specific financial and retirement planning needs in Mississippi.

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