How to Select the Right Financial Consultant in Jackson, MS

Studies show that financial advisors play just as important a role in investor satisfaction as portfolio performance. This makes who we choose to manage our money critical, and involves some homework on our part. Here are some key points to consider when selecting a financial consultant in Jackson, MS.

Determine whether Your Consultant is the Right Fit – Useful Tips

  • Check credentials and services: While some individuals and firms provide only investment advice, others offer comprehensive financial planning to cover retirement, insurance needs, estate planning, and tax planning. When you are evaluating a consultant, start by making sure that they are qualified to provide the services to meet your needs. For example, if you are a high net-worth individual or have your own business, you would want a professional who can also provide you with all the services mentioned above. If you have a specific interest, such as charitable giving for instance, make sure they have relevant experience. Check each prospect’s qualifications and track record, including professional associations they are members of, and if there are any complaints against them.
  • Look for personalized advice: Choose a financial consultant that understands your needs and goals. Ask them for a plan of how they intend to manage and grow your wealth. They should be able to explain why the choices they have made are best for you and also provide you with options.
  • Ask about their service charges: Do they charge trading fees or an hourly rate? Do they receive a commission from companies whose products they sell? You will want to know whether they will make more money recommending some products over others. Compare their rates with other companies. A professional should clearly outline any areas of conflict and how they will impact you. Ask for all terms and conditions in writing and pay attention to any changes in rate structure during your relationship.
  • Request references: Ask for references of clients whose goals are similar to yours. You want to be sure that you are getting the best professional planning advice.
  • Compare notes: Interview more than one consultant to find the right match. Each advisor should articulate their value proposition clearly. Ask questions, make notes on things that strike you, and compare them carefully. Do not give in to a heavy sales pitch or feel pressurized into making a quick decision.
  • Listen to your instinct: Trust and comfort are important aspects of a successful relationship. You should be able to sleep better at night knowing that your consultant will protect your best interests.

Tailored Plans from Trusted Financial Consultants in Jackson, MS

At the Executive Planning Group (EPG), we deliver an array of financial planning and insurance solutions to meet your unique needs. Our comprehensive services help our business and personal clients manage their wealth in a tax efficient manner. From executive life insurance to 401(k) investments, estate planning, and employee benefits, you can rely on our expertise to help your assets and enhance your financial comfort.

Our experienced team offers personalized wealth optimization strategies with a flexibility to meet changing objectives. We leverage our experience in insurance underwriting, accounting, financial planning, and human resource consulting to achieve your retirement goals. Through constant monitoring and ongoing communication, we help our clients’ complete peace of mind. Leverage our experience with high net-worth individuals and business owners to work towards achieving your goals.

Call us today at 601-982-3000 or request a quote for financial consultant services in Jackson, Mississippi.

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