Give Your Family the Gift of a Legacy – Review Your Estate Planning Needs

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The holiday season is a time of food, family, and fun. As one holiday winds into another, the days may seem like a blur until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and you raise your glass. Among all the festivities, now is a good time to review your estate planning. What better gift can you give your family and employees than a well-thought out plan that ensures they are taken care of in the event of your passing?

As a high net-worth individual, you have a variety of assets to manage. From compensation packages to multiple insurance policies and investment portfolios, you don’t have time to handle it all and make sure retirement remains on the horizon. When you need help managing your estate planning needs, Executive Planning Group can help.

Now Is the Best Season for Estate Planning

No one likes to think about dying, but as the old adage goes, there are only two constants in life: death and taxes. Avoid letting either situation affect you or your family when you regularly review your financial and estate needs. Here are a few areas to review as the year winds down:

  1. Update Beneficiaries: Was a new child born this year? Did one of your heirs die? Consider any changes that have occurred and update your beneficiaries accordingly.
  2. Check Insurance Coverages: Do you have enough life insurance coverage to protect your spouse and children? Is your business insurance up-to-date and a buy-sell agreement in place for a seamless transition after your death or death of a key employee?
  3. Retirement Planning and College Funding: Both retirement and college are getting more expensive. Maybe it is time to revisit your goals to make sure you are still on track to spend more time on the golf course or send your child to your alma mater.
  4. Long-term Care: People are living longer, sometimes resulting in the need to have skilled help as they age. Do you have a plan in place if you need long-term care in your golden years?
  5. Benefits for Your Employees: You depend on your employees to serve your customers. Are they receiving the best benefits you can offer? It may be time to reevaluate group health care coverage, 401K plans, and the different types of insurance policies that can help your staff protect their families.

Consult with an Experienced Mississippi Insurance Broker

Give your employees and family the gift of peace of mind by keeping your financial and investment plans in order. The professionals at the Executive Planning Group (EPG) are here to help you take care of your financial affairs. We listen to your needs and utilize an integrated approach to help you achieve your goals. Discover the value of our services today.

Give us a call at 601-982-3000 or request a quote online for estate planning services in Mississippi.

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