Is Now a Good Time to Review Your Estate Planning Goals?

The past few years have shown many that you cannot take anything for granted. From a pandemic to a contentious election, you have probably discovered that you need to be prepared for anything. The economy is currently in a recession. While they are not common, they do happen. The long-term investor understands this and makes preparations for those times within their portfolio and estate planning needs in Mississippi.

Reasons to Take a Hard Look at Your Estate Planning Program

Preparing for your family’s future without you begins with establishing a solid estate plan and then putting the proper steps in place to accomplish the end goal. However, estate planning is not a set-it-and-forget-it piece of your finances. The wise invest their time in staying abreast of life changes that may affect their family later, such as:

  1. Changes to State and Federal Laws: Congress will enact changes to gifting and tax exemptions based on their goals for raising revenue. Any time new bills are on the cusp of being signed into law or are enacted, you should take notice. Your best defense is a strong offense, and your financial advisor can help you mitigate what is to come or what is now in effect, to ensure your family is cared for with limited impact on them.
  2. Changes in Familial Relationships: Marriage, divorce, or death are reasons to revisit your estate plan and adjust beneficiaries. Any changes like these should be addressed quickly.
  3. Changes in the Abilities of Appointees: You may even have an unfortunate breakdown in a relationship with a friend who was supposed to be your executor or another appointee. If this happens, you will want to find new appointees to ensure there are no issues with your estate later.
  4. Changes in Assets: When you purchase new real estate or sell some other property, it affects your estate. Other asset changes include receiving an inheritance, preparing to sell a business, or receiving a significant increase in your income.


A candid conversation with your financial advisor is the first step to ensuring you stay the course of your financial goals. They can discuss different avenues you can take. For example, you may want to transfer some wealth through gifts, loans, or trusts.

Keep More for Your Family – Effective Estate Planning in Mississippi

You work hard and deserve to have an estate planning advisor who understands your goals and needs. Executive Planning Group does this for you. We take the time to discuss your unique situation and offer options to attain your goals. We keep abreast of changes to laws that may affect your bottom line. Look to us for comprehensive financial services, including estate planning, retirement planning, college, life insurance, and long-term care insurance. To learn more about estate planning and our other benefits, please contact us today or request a quote online.

Call us at 601-982-3000 to discuss the options for protecting your estate plan.

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