Protect Your Health and Finances from Critical Illness

No one wants to find themselves in an emergency room because of a heart attack. Yet, heart disease is a leading cause of death. The health and financial ramifications are extreme, even if death does not occur. In dire circumstances, some people may even find themselves in bankruptcy court because of the medical bills. Heart attacks aren’t the only illness to decimate a family. Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia also affect families, leaving them in desperate positions. You may not be able to thwart your genes or avoid debilitating conditions once they take over, but you can take control of some things, including your financial help with critical illness insurance from a dependable Mississippi broker.

Focus on Your Physical and Financial Health before Critical Illness Happens

Focusing on two main areas of your life will help lessen your risk of losing your health and your home.

  1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Start with yourself. Make some simple lifestyle changes that help prevent some serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
    1. Stop smoking. Tobacco use, including smoking, increases your risk of cancer, heart attack, and other diseases.
    2. Change your diet. There is no need to follow the latest fad diet. Instead, opt to reduce or eliminate the consumption of processed foods. Ensure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Remember to drink more water and less soda or caffeine.
    3. Get plenty of restful sleep. Most adults need between seven and nine hours each night. It’s not just the number of hours that count. It is also the quality of rest that helps your body repair itself. For example, consider waking up and going to bed at the same type each day, even on weekends. Reduce caffeine consumption in the afternoons.
    4. Exercise regularly. Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. Your body was made to move, not sit for hours on end.
  2. Take control of your financial health: Another area you need to shore up to protect your family in the event of a critical illness is your finances. Cancer treatments and surgeries are not cheap. They can wreak havoc on the financial health of many, and regular health care insurance may not cover everything. Critical illness insurance can ease the burden by:
    1. Covering insurance shortfalls. You have deductibles, co-payments, and benefit limitations to deal with.
    2. Paying for special expenses. There are transportation costs, hotels, special diets, and family care.
    3. Paying for living expenses. You may need help with house payments, car payments, utilities, and food.


Protect Your Future Today, with Critical Illness Insurance in Mississippi


Don’t put your family’s future at stake. Take control of your health, and contact your experienced Executive Planning Group broker for critical illness insurance. We will sit with you and determine the best options for your situation. Learn more when you contact us today or request a quote online.


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