At What Stage of Life Should I Buy Insurance?

Guidance from Your Experienced Mississippi Brokerage

Life is a journey. It starts with learning the basics: crawling, walking, talking, and dressing. Then comes school with academics, sports, band, plays, and possibly a first heartbreak. Before long, choices about where to go to college, whom to marry (or not marry), and starting your career can quickly overtake you. Just like the spinning of the wheel in the family board game, life is a series of steps, choices, and sometimes setbacks. Throughout all the joys and frustrations in each season of your life, ensure that the future for you and your family is secure. Purchase life insurance from an experienced Mississippi broker. Contrary to what you may think, now is an excellent time to add financial security to the roller coaster of life!

4 Perfect Seasons for Purchasing Life Insurance

Some people may believe they are too young or even too old to make this investment. In reality, while traveling through this journey, each phase creates a new list of priorities. Here are four seasons of life where purchasing coverage makes sense:

  1. Married or Engaged: When you are single and have no dependents, having coverage may not seem necessary. However, adding a spouse brings a whole new level of responsibility. If one of you prematurely passes away, how will the surviving spouse be able to cope financially? Having the right coverage in place can help offset lost income.
  2. Purchasing a Home: Probably the most important investment you may make, buying a home gives your family roots. Death can threaten any sense of security your family is holding on to at the time. With the right amount, the family home could be paid off, saving your spouse from worrying about keeping a roof over their heads.
  3. Having a Child: Nothing beats hearing the pitter-patter of little feet rushing up to you for a bear hug. It also costs a lot to raise children and provide shelter, clothing, food, and much more. Coverage helps with everyday expenses after an untimely death.
  4. Heading into Retirement: We all dream of retiring and spending our golden years doing whatever we love to do. You may like to travel or spend time with grandchildren. You know your primary goal is to enjoy your free time. Having the additional protection may help a surviving spouse pay final expenses and bills without having to go back into the workforce.

Consult with an Experienced Mississippi Insurance Broker

Make each season of your life’s journey more secure in the event of an untimely death. The team at the Executive Planning Group (EPG) are here to help you take care of your family when you cannot. We sit down with you and listen to your needs. Then we work to find you the best rates and coverage for your budget. Discover the value of our services today.

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