3 Tips for Organizing Your Life Insurance Policy and Other Records – From Executive Planning Group, Mississippi’s Local Insurance Agency

As busy people, it is often hard to find time to organize the various mounds of paper that finds its way into our homes. Essential documents like bills are intermingled with the week’s grocery ad, sitting in a stack on the corner of the kitchen counter. When company comes over, said pile is relegated to a drawer or behind the door of the home office. Each person’s filing system should fit their needs, but when you need a crucial document like an insurance policy, will your filing system leave you crushed beneath a mountain of paper?

Some critical documents still need to be kept safe as you may need to pull this information up at a moment’s notice. Legal documents and insurance policies are good examples. Even  more important, is having a life insurance plan in place to protect your family. If you need help obtaining the right coverage for your needs, seek out the assistance of the experienced agents at Executive Planning Group (EPG). We work with individuals and companies alike with insurance, investments, retirement planning, and college funding.

Useful Tips to Organize Your Important Papers

Don’t let a mountain of paper and mail overwhelm you. You can get things organized with a little prep work and just 15 minutes each day. Use these tips and you or your beneficiaries won’t have to worry the next time you need to find an important piece of information:

  1. Start with sorting through all the papers you can find for 15 minutes each day. How do you move a mountain? With one pail of dirt at a time! This adage can be applied to sifting through all your paperwork. Set a timer. Grab a stack and pull out any paperwork that has to do with your policies.
  2. Next, determine where you will house these records. Ideally, you should keep the originals and copies in two separate areas. One set can be held at your home. The other could be housed in a safe deposit box or with a trusted relative, or even a beneficiary.
  3. Finally, make a record of the pertinent information for each policy. Write down the following information to keep within easy reach:
    • Name of the issuing insurance company
    • The city and state of the home office
    • The name of the U.S. headquarters if part of a group of companies
    • Policy number
    • Date when the policy was issued
    • Amounts, including death benefits
    • Name, address, and phone number of the agent or broker who sold the policy
    • Type of policy (auto, whole life, term, etc.)
    • Where the original policy is located

Protect Your Family – Work with an Experienced Mississippi Life Insurance Agent

Make it easier on your family in the event of an accident or death when you organize your insurance papers. As you sort through your policies, reach out to a life insurance agent at Executive Planning Group (EPG). We work with you and explore potential gaps; then we develop a comprehensive plan to make things whole again. Discover the value of our services today. Request a quote online.

Call 601-982-3000 for more information on life insurance in Mississippi.

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