Are You Close to Retirement? Start Planning Now – Helpful Suggestions from Your Financial Planning Consultant in Jackson, MS

It’s never too early to plan for retirement. The earlier you start, the more you can enjoy your golden years doing all the things you’ve wanted to do. If you’re within ten years of retiring, there are actions you can take now that can help you live the comfortable retired lifestyle you seek. With clear-headed thinking and a careful examination of your current income sources, your expenses, and your target retirement date, you will be better prepared.

Envision how you will spend your time not heading to the office every day. Will you work part-time? Will you volunteer or travel? Getting a better picture of what you would like to do in the future can help you develop a realistic view of what finances you will need. At the Executive Planning Group (EPG), we assist you and your employees in assessing your current situation, what your future expectations are, then creating a plan to achieve those dreams.

5 Retirement Planning Suggestions to Meet Your Goals

A going away party is exciting, until you realize the gap in your resources from not properly retirement planning. Here are some suggestions to help you meet your financial goals:

  1. Make sure your investments are diversified and balanced. A good mix of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can help you handle downturns as you approach your target retirement date. An experienced EPG broker can help you determine what kind of risk you can withstand so that you can make educated decisions.
  2. Increase your retirement contributions to get caught up. If you see your retirement on the horizon, it is time to buckle down and maximize your contributions into your 401k, IRAs, or other retirement plans.
  3. Pay off debt. By taking a hard look at your finances and your anticipated income, you can see what obligations you need to get paid off quickly. This will help you maximize your later income.
  4. Estimate your retirement income. Just like paying off debt is significant, knowing how much income you can depend on is crucial in your overall planning. Between all of your investments, Social Security, and consumer debts, will you be able to make it?
  5. Consider where you will live. Housing can take a massive chunk out of your income. Decide if you will stay in the family home, or downsize. Do you want to move to be closer to grandchildren? Factor in the expenses of living in that area too.

Seek Timely Advice – Experienced Financial Consultants in Jackson, Mississippi

Prepare for your golden years by planning your retirement now. The professionals at the Executive Planning Group (EPG) are here to help you align your finances with your current and future lifestyle and develop a comprehensive plan to make it happen. We listen to your needs and practice an integrated approach to help you reach your goals. Discover the value of our services today.Request a quote online.

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