5 Types of Financial Planners You Need to Know About – Helpful Advice from Your Jackson, MS Financial Planning Consultant

Handling finances is no easy feat. Whether you own a business, are an executive of one, or an employee, it pays to work with an expert to answer your questions and establish a plan to meet your goals. Do you know what kind of professional you need for each step of your journey? Besides ensuring your wishes are carried out when you pass away, you need assistance to set up your retirement years or grow your wealth.

Having access to a team of knowledgeable professionals can make the difference between meeting your financial goals and struggling in your Golden Years. Financial vocabulary terms are used interchangeably, making a complex subject even more confusing. If you have a variety of assets to manage, you need help. Get the right advice for managing personal or business finances, savings,and investments from Executive Planning Group.

5 Types of Financial Planners and Advisors to Meet Your Long-Term Goals

Having the right professionals backing you is key to meeting your financial goals. Here are five categories of financial planners and advisors that you can use from time to time:

  1. Accountants: Most of us hire accountants to help us prepare and file our tax returns. There are additional times this type of advisor can be handy, such as with bookkeeping, tracking your income and expenses, and preparing financial statements.
  2. Insurance Agent: Having insurance is an excellent vehicle for protecting you, your family, and your employees. An insurance agent or broker can sit down with you to assess your needs and tailor policies to meet them. Types of coverage that may serve you well include life, disability income, business, long term, and critical care.
  3. Attorney: Lawyers don’t just defend criminals in the courtroom. They can advise you about buying or selling your home, setting up a business, establishing a will, and creating a power of attorney. They can be your ace in the hole for navigating through the nuances of Mississippi’s laws.
  4. Financial Planner: A good planner is like having a general physician by your side to give you the big picture on the health of your finances. Among other services, they can guide you with saving for college or investing for retirement.
  5. Estate Planner:When establishing plans for your estate, an estate planner can guide you with tax consequences and other issues which you need to be aware of. This type of professional looks at all aspects so you can preserve your wealth for the next generation.

Consult with Experienced Financial Planners in Jackson, Mississippi

Take control of your wealth with the right help. The professionals at the Executive Planning Group (EPG) are here to help you align your finances with your current and future needs. We listen to your needs and utilize an integrated approach to help you achieve your financial goals.

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